Digital Advertising Sales Executive

Location: Mumbai

As a Digital Advertising Sales Executive you will be managing client relationships, closing new business, meeting revenue targets and working with internal teams to execute advertising campaigns.

iOS Developer

Location: Cebu

Spuul is seeking an experienced IOS developer to maintain and further develop the Spuul iOS app for iOS phones, tablets and Apple TV. Experience with shipping a production iOS app a must but even better if you have experience with mobile video and dealing with a complex api infrastructure.

Android Developer

Location: Cebu

Spuul is seeking an experienced Android developer to maintain the Spuul Android app for mobile phones, tablet and android set top boxes. Experience with video and mobile apps that work with complex APIs a plus.

Content Administrator

Location: Cebu

As a Content Administrator, you will be responsible for ensuring the ongoing availability and performance of the our overall service. The Spuul service will entail managing a video storage library, a cloud based encoding service, a cloud based video service, and a backend on Amazon Web Services built to host the Spuul website and various Spuul APIs.

Ruby on Rails Programmer

Location: Cebu

As a Ruby on Rails programmer you have an unbridled passion for Ruby but are deeply in love with Rails. You know PHP is a relic of the past and Java is not built for maintaining a killer web backend chock full of API’s to serve the internal front end beast - the myriad of desktop, mobile and the connected TV clients.