Satyadevi is a virtuous woman and a righteous police officer who fights against the terror of Khokha Singh – the villan, who stops everyone from entering the common village temple.

Satyadevi vows to warn Khokha and allow access to all for the temple. Things go out of hand when Khokha's son loses his life and he vows to avenge his death. He frames Satyadevi to a crime and gets her life imprisonment.

While Satyadevi lives in the hope that her sons will bring justice and take revenge for her humiliation, the three sons are each embroiled in problems of their own. Khokha's aim is to destroy the 'Trimurti' and reverse the prophecy that determines his death at the hands of the three brothers. A time comes when the mother is released and faces Khokha Singh with her lost sons under the most eerie of circumstances.

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