Raj Malhotra [Akshay Kumar] works for a cellular mobile company and is popular amongst his circle of friends and work colleagues. His world comes crashing down when Sonia [Priyanka Chopra], his ex, becomes his boss. Sonia is ambitious with great aspirations. She is prepared to achieve her goals, whatever the price may be and lets nothing come between her wants and desires.

One fateful evening, when things don't go her way, Sonia brings Raj's world to a screeching halt. Raj's wife, Priya [Kareena Kapoor], once a lawyer, is prepared to do anything to protect her husband's honour and dignity. The devious shadow that threatens to put Raj's honour at stake, finds an adamant Priya at the opposing end. And from a content housewife, Priya becomes a woman with a mission that she must accomplish. She is now Raj's partner in more ways than one. Thrown into this web of deceit is Raj's boss, Ranjit Roy [Amrish Puri], who happens to be Sonia's husband.

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